Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to pass parameters from a page to a popup window and back (pass parameter popup window javascript)

Using window.showModalDialog

To send parameters to the child page, use query string.
If the window is opened using window.showModalDialog (instead of window,open), then parameters can be sent back to the parent page using window.returnValue.

Parent page javascript (send values using query string) :

url = "/myChild?param1=hello&param2=28";

var x = window.showModalDialog(url);

if (x) {
else {
  alert('no return data');

[Note: This will not work with]
Child page C# code (to accept query string parameters):

string param1 = Request.QueryString[" param1"].ToString();
int param2 = int.Parse(Request.QueryString[" param2"]);

Child page javascript that returns the values:

var x = new Object(); = 'Sam';
x.Age = 37;

window.returnValue = x;


If you are using, in that case write a javascript function in the PARENT page that you want to call from the child page. Suppose the function is called Hello. This is how you will invoke it from child page.


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