Saturday, February 11, 2012

Compare C# and vb (C# vb difference)( C# vs vb)

I am not covering and syntax difference here. I am trying to list all the functional differences between the two. Let me know if you can think of any more (in the comments) , I will include it in here.


Was designed ground up specifically for the .net framework.
VB was built as a successor of the pre existing VB. They tried to keep it syntactically as similar as possible to the VB prior to .net.
You can write unmanaged code
isNumeric() can be used to check if the value is numeric
Namespace cannot be imported at the project level and has to be imported into every file using the “using” directive.
Namespaces can be imported at the project level
Multiline comments are possible ( /**/)
For adding page events, in C# you have to lookup the signature of the page event and type it out (the AutoEventWireup  should be set to true)
In when using vb, page events can be easily added thru the Visual Studio UI.

 Besides the fact that vb makes things easier (which could qualify vb as slightly superior) , I have not seen any major functional differences between the two languages. However, most of my C# friends believe C# is superior. Myself being a C# developer, as much as I'd like to believe that, I can't. In my opinion, the choice between C# and vb should purely depend on the in house skill-set. If your associates are more comfortable in one of the languages, it makes more sense to go with that.

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