Friday, December 28, 2012

Some useful Resharper commands

These are some of my favorite resharper commands/functionality

What does it do?

Find Type
 CTRL+Shift+Alt+A (brings up a menu)
The click on "Incoming Calls"
Finds all the calls to the function
Find implementation
(A very useful feature if you are using dependency injection)
Copy stack trace onto your clipboard and then do
You will see the breaking llike of code as a clickable link

This feature makes it possible to quickly travel to the erroneous lines of code when debugging.
Locate in solution
Click on a field or class name and then do Ctrl+shift+R
Gives you many options such as
Change signature
Rename (This will rename all the references and all the other needful)
Safe Delete
Extract Interface
Extract Super CLass
Extract Class
Push Members Down
Convert Property To Method(s)
Make Static

Shows all the fileds, properties and definitions in the current code page

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