Thursday, April 21, 2011

Difference between datasource and datasourceid

In both datasource and datasourceid are properties of a databound control (eg dropdownlist ) that is used for binding it to some data.

The difference between the two is that datasource property is set to a collection.


DatasourceID on the other hand is set to the ID of a datasource control. (A control that is specifically tailored to get data from a particular source. For eg access datasource to get data from MS access, sqldatasource to get data from SQL database and so on).


Generally DataSourceID is used for developing quick and dirty prototypes. For professionally created web applications you would use the former (binding to a collection using datasource property) most of the time. However in professionally created sites you would come across instances where a treeview is bound to a SiteMapDataSource control using the datasourceid property.

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